Investigating the relationship between the two parameters of mercaptan value and density in gas liquid samples using Chemometrics statistical methods

One of the important issues regarding petroleum products, including production, storage, use in industries, transportation, etc., is the accurate and fast determination of various parameters of different types of products. Parameters that are tested for this type of petroleum products These include: density, mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide, vapor pressure, distillation and dyeing. As mentioned, in order to supply gas liquids to refineries and industries, their physical and chemical properties must be tested. It requires skilled manpower, a lot of time and money. In this project, a cost-effective parameter will be considered to facilitate these tests, so that the desired parameter can be predicted by one of the simple and low-cost parameters in a short time. In this project, Mercaptan is considered as the prediction target and by examining the relationship and double correlation between Mercaptan and other parameters, we seek to establish a system connection and finally, after a complete and comprehensive study, the relationship and correlation between IR absorption spectrum and The value of Mercaptan will be proved, and after verifying the predicted numbers and experimental values ​​measured in the laboratory and finally using MATLAB software programming with the help of Chemometrics statistical science and partial least squares method, the Mercaptan values ​​project in the sample Gas liquids will be checked.

  • Supervisor: Prof. R. Sowdhamini
Investigating the effect of pH change and ionic strength on the structure and spectrum of proteins and vitamins in whey by fluorescence spectroscopy and three-way data analysis
The International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS)