HiTech Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

HITECH Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Our institute takes a stab at a drawn-out research plan with ventures that show high potential for critical outcomes. We center around few testing research fields in which our exploration is interest driven and unhindered by disciplinary boundaries.

Our exploration is interdisciplinary and agreeable. We team up seriously with other research institutes, colleges and industry accomplices. Besides, we plan to raise open mindfulness for the significance of science – particularly information driven science.


Quantum Chemistry

How to Dress a Metal

Research describing how an optical field can modify the electronic properties of a solid was recently published in Nature Communications titled…

Other News

Press Release: Launch of the pan-institutional CovidGyan Website April 04, 2020   File Remembering Bibha Chowdhuri January 21, 2020   File TIFR…

Our Research Groups


Quantum Chemistry

Quantum chemistry is a field of chemistry whose primary focus is on the application of quantum mechanics in physical models and experiments in chemical systems

Computational Chemistry

Computational chemistry is a branch of chemical science that uses mathematical methods and physical concepts to justify and interpret the phenomena of chemistry

Molecular Modelling

Molecular mechanics is one aspect of molecular modelling, as it involves the use of classical mechanics (Newtonian mechanics) to describe the physical basis behind the models


Chemometrics is a set of mathematical, statistical, and computer applications used to solve measurement problems in chemistry

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